Those Dog Brand Values, in full

First, of course, Unswerving Adoration;

we dogs think nothing but the best of you.

We love the things – whatever they may be – you do.

When you walk through the door, no bounds to our elation.


In second place, there’s Eagerness to Please;

We dance, we lick your hands and face, we caper,

We wait by the front door to fetch your paper,

Our highest aim, that you should lead a life of ease.


Then, third up, comes Dependency – on you,

our stars and moon, the sun our lives rotate around,

the one we’re guaranteed to feel great around.

(Oh yes, you feed us, so we’d starve without you, too.)


Fourth comes Anxiety, the way we feel

when left outside a shop, or out of sight

of you for more than 30 seconds (never mind a night;

the thought’s enough to make us whine and howl and squeal).


Last, Doggedness, a trait worth admiration;

but sadly, though it sounds as if we should,

we hardly ever do possess it. So it’s good

there’s always that Unswerving Adoration.