Counselling course

Today, we’ll start with the basics;

smiling in an insightful way,

then saying “Aha!” in a tone that suggests,

“That’s just what I thought you might say.”


Tomorrow, to kick off, a workshop

entitled What it Means to Be Real.

For the rest of the day, we’ll be working on saying,

“And how does that make you feel?”


First thing Wednesday morning:

Strategies for Not Yawning.

Then later in the day, an extremely pressing issue:

glancing at the clock when the client takes a tissue.


We won’t say a word on Thursday,

till our silence resounds through the room.

(If the client can’t think of a subject worth raising,

it’s fine to keep totally shtum.)


On Friday, to finish, a challenge:

(Don’t worry, not as hard as it sounds.)

We’ll be practising saying, “We need to end there.

That’ll be 55 pounds.”