This week, I have been mostly worrying about:

My poor old face – the effects of gravity,

a tooth at the back (just discovered a cavity),

bad stuff in the paper, human depravity,


Iranian nukes, and Syrian liberty,

the state of my feet – off-puttingly hobbit-y,

drinking too much (it’s getting quite habit-y),


cholesterol levels, approaching morbidity,

digestive troubles (excessive acidity),

money, of course – a lack of liquidity,


my plans for the future – absence of clarity,

the pound and the euro, now closer to parity

a strong sense I should give a lot more to charity,


our youth, without jobs or basic civility,

leaders devoid of heart and humility,

my failure, through yoga, to gain flexibility . . .


But does worrying help? I sense your dubiety,

and that’s yet another thing causing anxiety